ERP Software for Industries

 Intelligence solutions for industries!

What is your industry especialized in? What are your needs? Expert Flux was created to go beyond templates found online and to be more efficient than excel spreadsheets or any access project!

Our development platform gives the possibility to create an espefic software to your company! Valkyriam certenly can develop any software: from supply chain, ERP, certification software for your products and much more.

Because everything is customazible, you can edit, maintain or update your own softwar. Even if you don’t understand anything about programming and coding a software!


Expert Flux: Tables and Charts!


Check out how Expert Flux can generate tables and charts in minutes for several users, all of this can be displayed the way you need!


Expert Flux is about freedom. As you can see in this video, your users are be able to create anything they need using our platform. In other words, everything is fast and easy as click and drag!


Solver Flux: Working as an Extension to Expert Flux


Solver Flux integrates all of your business together. Optimize your processes and as a result, generate more profit. Also, this software can be easily combined and customized by Expert Flux. So, using Solver Flux you can schedule maintence, logistics and much more inside your company.

In the long run, you can build a whole trust system in your manufactury chain, consequently you can pass on this quality mark to your customers on Solver Flux systems.


Solver Flux: Future ERP for your Company


An ERP software is the one that controls all of your company daily operations. In contrast, most of the small and medium industries today are not able to afford a software like this. Most noteworthy, ERP software are almost always very strict ones. As a result, most companies that buy an ERP software today don’t have all their needs attended, due to lack of customization.

Solver Flux, together with Expert Flux are software that can make that change. First of all, Expert Flux provides great customization process to any software. Then, Solver Flux, counting on it’s high capacity of data processing and management can be fully designed to your company. That way, Solver Flux becames a Complete ERP software, unique for your business.