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Custom ERP Software Development

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Are you tired of your ERP software?

We know how expensive and inflexible an ERP software can be. First of all, the ERP itself can cost thousands of dollars only for its implementation. Then, after all this financial effort, you have to deal with custimization costs.

We all know how ERP software are sold today.  Everything comes out of a mold. And what’s not fair to your company is having to work for the ERP instead of the other way around!

We can develop an unique ERP software for your company!

Valkyriam has a new proposal for the market. We want to develop an ERP software from scratch for your company. That way, we can assure you process otimization, and system integration.

You can count on our very own development platform

Expert Flux is a BPM tool. Use it to chart and perfect the workflow of your business.

Once you optimize all the processes, you save time and consequently, money. What better way to do it than using a tool that cut by half the work you have to do in order to chart and change key processes?

Expert Flux can be as complex or as simple as you need. No matter your programming expertise level or how many process your business comprehends, Expert Flux is the guy for the job.

Cloud Application

Cloud Application

Can be accessed anywhere

Created to meet your needs

Valkyriam is specialized on custom software development. And we can use the power of Expert Flux to reduce the costs of programming a new software or to personalize an existing one.

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Custom to meet your specific needs

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