Process Optimization in BPM

Advisory Services Focused on Optimization


We have experience of more than 20 years in the market helping small and large business grow optimizing their processes. First of all, we start by getting to know your company and your needs. Then we study all the process in your business. Our professionals need to do this, because without this kind of information, there’s no way to know how could you be making any more money, right?

Finally, the third step of BPM is to develop a most effective way of going through every process of your company. That way we think how to arrange every company department, so everything flows better and faster.

Once this is done, it’s time for practice and analysis. The first time BPM is applied to the company, it may not be perfect. That’s why, we will stay in touch for further research and improvements in the model.

A business is like a human being. It is not static, so it is important to know that BPM needs changes once in a while.


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Process Optimization – Automation


One of our greatest strenghts is to bring automation to our clients. Valkyriam, as professional software developer, has the perfect instruments to help you grow your business. For instance, Expert Flux is a development platform, that we created to help us create or customize any software faster than any other company! Solver Flux is a facilities management tool to help any big industry administrate all it’s assets together, saving time and money.

This is taking your business to the next level. Taking control of all the potential your company can provide. Valkyriam is a software company that has your success as a value.


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