Reinsurance Broker: Free Trial!

O que é Reinsurance Broker?


Reinsurance Broker was created to assist reinsurance brokers management. It’s a cloud software, easily customizable to meet your several processes needs.

O objetivo principal dessa solução é facilitar o cumprimento de prazos de pagamentos e recebimentos, através de um cashflow único. Além disso, é possível concentrar na ferramenta todos os documentos relacionados a cada novo negócio, de forma a manter a documentação necessária acessível e segura.

Here you can see the Contract page on Reinsurance Broker. It’s rich in details! You can add new contracts or update existing ones, select exchange rates, define remunaration splits between brokers and much more!


Why Reinsurance Broker?


This software was developed because we had a lot of insurance businesses clients, but we still needed to expand our market. At that point, Reinsurance Firms were in great need of a software that solved all their problems!

Our first client is still with us! That’s how we can show you the efficiency of Reinsurance Broker.

Also, we know there are not a lot of reinsurance software available in the market. And for that reason, we seek perfection.

We need our clients to be happy and productive, otherwise, why would we program anyway?


Free Trial Program


We’re launching this free trial program to get in touch with you, our client! We want you to have the experience of having an software made for what you do! To be a part of our program, all you need to do is contact us! Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll show you more about Reinsurance Broker!

There are endless adventages of having your own cloud software helping your brokers!


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