Program without Coding: Expert Flux

Expert Flux:  We can program your next software without coding

How much time does it take to program a brand new software? Let’s say, Just a simple CRM… Hours, days, weeks?

What if we told you that with Expert Flux we can create a CRM with an integrated search engine in less than 30 minutes?

Sounds amazing, right? No coding! Let Expert Flux do it for you!

We generate your software using icons, images, properties and arrows. Simple and easy. And that means you can also have control over your software even if you don’t know how to code or to program, because Expert Flux is easy as Click and Drag.

Expert Flux is a development platform that works as a human mind, it’s very logical! We program creating flowcharts, or as we like to call… FLUX!

That way we can develop whatever you want, let your imagination flow! We’re already living in the future, you don’t need to struggle to learn a programming laguage anymore! Everything you’ll need to know will be on your custom made software, on our cloud, where you’ll be able to use it anywhere, any time you’ll need it.


How does Expert Flux work?


Watch this video to understand how powerful can Expert Flux be on a day of work! Its facilities will make you want to try it today!



Expert Flux understands BPM, creates tables, frames and much more.

Our development platform easily integrates with all of our products and can be very usefull on the customization process due to its flows that connects all the software.

Everything is faster with Expert Flux: Development, maintenance, updates. Therefore, all the costs are lower too!



Take a step into the future and have a custom software made with Expert Flux!

Contact us for a quotation and for more information about our development platform!


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